Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Bandra (West)
Mumbai Maharashtra, India


Sunday 6Am, 7:30am, 8:30am, 9:30am
Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount

91 22 2642 4452, 7506981522

For over a hundred years situated atop a hillock near Lands End Bandra, overlooking the Arabian Sea is Mount Mary’s Basilica a beautiful edifice in stone that simply stands out in its grandeur, an abode of tranquility, peace, reassurance and hope!

Mount Mary's, affectionately beckons one and all. No invitations are required to spend time with our Blessed Mother. Once inside this beautiful church even a single glance at Mary with the child Jesus is a feast for the eye, both natural and that of faith.

Thanking God or simply paying homage with the simplest or rarest of gifts, Mount Mary’s provides ample scope. For those who are in need of divine grace, to all of you who are troubled with the problems of daily life, come and worship at the Shrine of Mary. She is the Mother of all mankind. She will grant you solace, understanding and Hope. Mother Mary leaves no one unaided.

This website would help you understand the background of this basilica, to keep yourself updated on the timings for the availability of the various services and to become aware of the other special programmes taking place in and around the basilica. You may also use this website to explore the various spiritual questions that time and again come to your mind.